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I Do Undertale, The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Call Of Duty, Youtube, & Team Fortress 2 Artwork Here :D


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There is going to be an undertale indie survival horror fan made game i'm making, I just got done with the maps, and the mob, and the rest of the game, including the menu's setup, sounds (no voice acting yet), and the jump scares, its a very short game, its just going to be a pre-beta version 0.0. I'm also going to add maps in the game for you to play, single player only, i don't if the jump scares are scary, but there might be a couple things i messed up in the game, so the first map is small and there is a lot of rooms and doors, I was planning on that the game is going to be just a simple scp: containment breach mod, then changed my mind and thinking that it would be great if it was a slender mod, but i changed my mind, i started getting good with terror engine and there is a video on the first map of the game, and its from a youtube that i did not make, just trying to make people scared of the objects that will be in the game (i don't know) I made other games such as M.U.G.E.N Armageddon & M.U.G.E.N: Boys Edition, which is just the same mugen game but a lot of characters from video games/anime/cartoon shows and the boys edition is just a 12 character game with boys only, And I Made Another Game That Considers To Be A Joke Called Sexy-Game, I was just pissing around with game jolt. The Game Title Of The Indie Game I'm Making Is Called Fatal Phobia, Fatal Phobia Means a young person that is very terrified of the dark and being alone. You must collect 7 barrels then watch the tape and escape. Simple right? I tried to make the game bigger but somehow it was crashing for some unknown reason. It had took me almost a month to get the game done. so when i get everything set for the pre-beta, the menu and the rest of the game. I will submit a post online on deviantart and steam for the pre-beta. I Will be adding more maps soon, don't worry, around this month the pre-beta will be released. So I will let you guys know about the pre-beta of fatal phobia. That's It, i'm trying hard on the game and i will let you guys know about the game.
Title by cawthon26 


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🎶✍Gage Lee Thompson✍🎶
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
✏I Do Not Accept Artwork Requests, only closer friends can✏
🖌Art Trades are for friends of friends and has to be traditional/digital (not gmod/sfm)🖌
👎🖌I will not trade my artwork for anything innapropiate🖌👎
💞I'm a septiplier & charasriel fan💞
👊👍My favorite youtubers are markiplier, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, yamimash, & entoanthepack👍👊
🎧🎶My favorite Music genre is punk rock & screamo🎶🎧

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Sketch Drawings
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